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leads, grounds, and whip or stinger welding assemblies from GenErgy Power

Welding Cable Assemblies from GenErgy Power

Pre-assembled welding leads, stinger/whips, and ground assemblies from GenErgy are ready-to-use, saving you time and reducing labor hours.

Welding Cable

Welding cable assemblies from GenErgy are made with ToughFlex welding cable. ToughFlex features a highly flexible stranded No. 30 bare copper conductor insulated with a high grade RoHS compliant EPDM. Perfect for supplying temporary power use applications requiring up to 600 volts.

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Spec Sheets for GenErgy Welding Cable Assemblies and ToughFlex Welding Cable

Our welding cable assembly spec sheets include part numbers, stranding by gauge, and an ampacity guide and more to help you figure our exactly what you need.

Not sure what cable gauge size you need for your job or do you know what kind of cable assemblies you need? We’re here to help. Email us at sales@genergypowerusa.com or call us at 800-308-1330 to get your quote and talk about options for customizing your assemblies.

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