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Why waste your time, resources, and manpower to build your own cable assemblies when GenErgy can do it better and faster? Cable assemblies is what we do all day every day so we’re skilled at connectors and coiling and everything in between.  Shop us before you build your own. We think you’ll be surprised at how competitive GenErgy is. 

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We build on both sides of the United States and stock across the country so you can get your assemblies as quickly as possible when and where you need them. 





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GenErgy was born from a wire and cable manufacturer with over a half a century of experience. The result is a comprehensive catalog of cable assemblies and cable add-ons for the entertainment and industrial industries. Vertically-aligned with complete access to a fully-integrated copper and compound facility, GenErgy is strategically positioned to offer a competitive and adaptive cable assembly solution unmatched in the market. Give us a call at 800.308.1330 to set up a facility tour or talk about how GenErgy can help you with your cable needs.


Choose from an extensive inventory of power, entertainment, medium voltage, and welding cable assemblies in multiple configurations in multiple locations. Dual-coast building strategies; coast to coast pick (will call), shipping, and stocking locations; cable recovery program; and a whole host of additional solutions for customizing your cable. If it comes in or on a cable assembly GenErgy has it or can build it.

Call us at 800-308-1330 for a no pressure quote today. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our quality, capabilities, and cost.

About Us

What can GenErgy Power do for you? Well, for starters, we offer power distribution solutions including Power Cable Assemblies, Welding Cable Assemblies, Stage Cable Assemblies, Cable Accessories, Power Distribution solutions, Cable Ramps, and Cable Storage for markets like yours. A long-time supporter of the equipment rental industries for both construction and entertainment, GenErgy can keep your power equipment and tools running smoothly as well as those lights, cameras, and sound systems in action.

With 5 locations to serve you faster, a unique cable recovery program to swap your old cable for new, and RFID tracking and inventory solutions for your cable assemblies, GenErgy has all of the answers to your portable power cable questions. Most of those answers ship within 2 days, too.

Give us a call at 800.308.1330 or email us at cableexperts@genergycable.com and tell us what GenErgy can do for you.

The Last Power Cable Supplier Standing (or Our Sandy Story)

You may remember a hurricane called Sandy that set a lot of records back in 2012. The kind of records no one wants to have set. As the superstorm grew from a tropical storm into a category 2 hurricane it destroyed homes and businesses and left 65 billion dollars in damage in its wake. When the dust from Sandy cleared over 7 and a half million people were without power. That’s where we came in.

GenErgy assembled power cable for a solid two weeks (that’s 24 hours a day, folks) from the time Sandy made landfall in New Jersey until our customers got their customers back watching their favorite tv shows and microwaving popcorn. To put things in perspective…over a two week period of time in support of relief efforts, GenErgy processed over 275,000 feet of 4/0 Power Cable which equates to 5,500 50 feet assemblies. That’s 400 cam–to-cam assemblies a day! After all the other cable industry players were sold out and without cable GenErgy kept on going.

How exactly did GenErgy get to be the last power cable supplier standing?

Two reasons really. First off, we were and are geographically located to meet the demand. From our headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania we were able to effectively support our first responder generator dealer/distributor partners with truckload after truckload of power cable assemblies to the front lines.

Reason number two?

We are a fully integrated supplier so we aren’t waiting on bulk cable from another company to arrive so we can build your assemblies. Think one-stop cable shop. We have a history with your copper. That history is how we could meet the demand caused by all those power outages long after everyone else tapped out.

Imagine what we can (and will) do to keep you in power cable. Now double that. That’s how hard we work for you.

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